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Seven things Kaleidoscope can do for YOU

There’s way more to doing business with Kaleidoscope than browsing through the shop (Ons Winkel). Here’s why:

The era of e-commerce has arrived

Kaleidoscope opened its online store in June. Browse and buy beds and bed sets, coffee, metal products, weaving products, cane items and even talking watches as easily and safely as on any other e-commerce site.

Made to order

Private customers can order items made to spec from Kaleidoscope, whether it’s a custom-design piece of wooden or metal furniture, a number of similar-looking wedding decorations or a loose carpet in a specific size or colour.

Wooden, metal and cane items will be designed from scratch and even stained on-site, while weaving materials are dyed in the factory and simply made to the requested dimensions. If there’s capacity, smaller decorative items such as baby booties or wooden platters with a special message will be taken on in the creative projects department.


Businesses who decide to order larger quantities of custom-made products will definitely not be the first. Well-known businesses such as Investec and Babylonstoren have ordered picnic baskets in the past. Nuy on the hill has ordered its wooden serving platters from Kaleidoscope, Mountain Brewing Company’s four-pack crates are done here and Feedem has ordered wooden platters for personnel.

Easily repaired

Don’t know where to go with that old wooden chair’s woven seat? Or a piece of furniture that’s so flimsy it can hardly hold the weight of a toddler? Of course the expert staff manufacturing this kind of product will also be expert at repairing it!

kaleidoscope collage
Kaleidoscope does not only offer stunning, affordable hand-made items but also custom services for personalised purchases.

Corporate gifts

The Kaleidoscope Blindiana Blend coffee is not only made from fine quality Central and South American coffee and African beans, but is also an extremely attractive package to pick up. Marketing packages of this great product with branded labels for businesses is another project coming soon to Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope’s creative side

Being practical is great. But the soul needs to be fed too. i-Art Gallery is not only home to the artistic creations of visually impaired residents, but is also available for exhibitions by other local artists. The Blind Spot is available for intimate shows (and conferences of up to 50 people) while visually impaired residents with great talent in the performing arts will be more than willing to perform at special events.

Anyone for coffee?

Blindiana Barista has been closed for the past few months, but come 1 September customers will once more be able to sit back and relax with a cuppa (and enjoy the convenience of a couple new features – watch this space!).

Visit Kaleidoscope’s website for a treasure trove of information.

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