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Kaleidoscope: Out with the old, in with the new

Keeping up with the Joneses is not necessarily a good thing. Except if you are a charity that needs to keep up with trends in order to stay afloat.

That is exactly what happened when the Institute for the Blind decided to change its name for the first time in 135 years, to Kaleidoscope.

Still not sure why they ditched the old name and went with Kaleidoscope?


A kaleidoscope is a tube containing mirrors and pieces of broken, coloured glass on one end. When held to the light, it displays a thousand different patterns as you look into the tube from the other end, twisting it around.

Similarly, Kaleidoscope SA can be seen as a place where individuals with different needs (pieces of broken glass) form a stunning picture as a unit. Light (positivity and hope) and movement (new perspective) are also important.


Gone is the word “institute” that sounds timid, dull and confining.

“We are united in a Kaleidoscope of colours to spread joy and happiness in Worcester, South Africa and internationally,” says Hein Wagner, well-known brand ambassador for Kaleidoscope.

Peadar Hegarty, who works with the team as a strategic adviser, says that the new positioning will help Kaleidoscope change how the world sees the blind. “Kaleidoscope projects inspiration, emanating from this wonderful community of blind and deaf-blind persons who, far from seeing themselves as disabled, actually live their lives as people of unimaginable ability. We must inspire all associated with us to approach our lives with gratitude, determined to perform our daily tasks to the utmost of our abilities.”

Possibilities and potential

The pay-off line is “Let the blind lead”. “It places the focus on visually impaired persons as complete citizens in the community capable of taking the lead in society,” says Wagner.

“The blind have such unlimited potential and so much to offer to the world,” says Freddie Botha, Kaleidoscope’s executive head. “Human awareness can be likened to a Kaleidoscope, and we know that with a simple twist of perception so much can be revealed.”


One of the important possibilities is business growth (to be able to sustain the care and development it provides). The trendy new brand identity is easier to market, leading to more sustainable partnerships, opportunities, projects and funding. The result? Hopefully a larger product offering and sustained world-class services to the blind and the visually impaired.

“By raising the bar in becoming a world leader in all things blind-related, our aim is to inspire the blind and sighted alike to be successful no matter the challenge.”

Visit Kaleidoscope’s website for a treasure trove of information.

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