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Mass immunisation drives coming up

Two mass immunisation campaigns are coming up in the Western Cape.

The provincial health department will vaccinate girls in Grade 4 who are nine and older to protect them against the human papilloma virus (HPV). It is a continuation of an existing immunisation drive and girls will receive either their first or second round of the vaccine. It helps prevent HPV-related cervical cancer.

The second drive entails children younger than five receiving top-up vaccinations against measles as well as a Vitamin A supplement and deworming treatment. Nutritional status will also be checked through mid upper arm circumference (MUAC). Round two of this campaign which takes place a month later will focus exclusively on the administration of Polio-Drops


The health department said in a statement that it is with concern that health departments around the world see an increase in anti-vaccine lobbyists. “The grounds of these allegations are completely unfounded and have in fact been proven incorrect many times over.

“We immunise because the illness has not yet been eradicated and continues to threaten the health of a person or community. When one immunises one’s own children, other people’s children also benefit.”

All clinics supply immunisation free of charge and some pharmacies have a well-baby clinic where babies can be vaccinated.  Most private doctors have vaccination services but parents will need to pay for the consultation.


Coming up

The upcoming HPV campaign runs from 10 August to 6 September. The drive entails a second dose of the HPV vaccine to girls who had already received their first dose, en their first dose for girls who missed it earlier this year.

Only girls in Grade 4 who are nine years and older will be immunised, at primary schools

What can parents do? Parents or uardians need to complete and return the consent form to the school so that their daughter may be immunised.

The Child Health Immunisation Campaign will run from 12 to 29 September. It includes a measles top-up vaccine, de-worming, Vitamin A booster and nutritional evaluations. All children under five will be immunised as necessary, at clinics, crèches and community venues.


What can parents do? Visit your clinic to ensure that your child is fully protected or send your child’s Road to Health book (clinic card) to the crèche or day mother.

From October 31 to November 11 only polio top-up vaccinations will be done for all children under five, at clinics, crèches and other communinty venues.


What cnan parents do? Visit your clinic to ensure that your child is fully protected or send your child’s Road to Health book (clinic card) to the crèche or day mother.

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