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A delightful surprise right here in Stockenström Street

Never thought one could find the most delicious frozen yoghurt smack bang in the middle of busy Stockenström Street. Or fresh 100% fruit juice on tap. Or the only Heart and Stroke Foundation approved flavoured water in the country!

But it turns out there’s a little oasis in a street block otherwise occupied by banks, lawyers and clothing stores. Body Fuel Express is a delightful surprise and worth a visit.

Pure frozen yoghurt, pure pleasure

Although Body Fuel Express specializes in pure ozonated water, they hit the mark with quite a range of products that fit into a healthy lifestyle. Like their Yogo Express frozen yoghurt. No sweet toppings or temptations. Just yoghurt, perfectly chilled to hit the spot on a hot summer’s day. Speaking of hot summer’s days: don’t forget to try the fun-looking fruity Slush!


100% fruit juice on tap, at R10.50 per litre

Bring your own bottle and fill up with any of the juices in the Tooti Fruti range. You’ll search far and wide to find 100% fruit juice at this price. The juices are also available in ready-to-drink bottles if you’ve just popped in for a quick refreshment.


The only Heart and Stroke Foundation approved flavoured water in SA

The Just Water range is the only flavoured water in the country to have received the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s mark of approval. It is only approved for “healthier products that contain less added sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats, and more fibre compared to other similar products”, according to the Foundation.

Just Water contains less than 1kJ per 100ml, is aspartame free and diabetic friendly, and the Just Water Cool Kids range offers the sparkling drink in 330ml bottles.

Just Water

Clear, clean water to your heart’s content

Bring your own container and fill up at a mere 80c per litre. The sophisticated system sends water through a carbon filter before water is filtered through reverse osmosis twice. As final safeguard it is ozonated and sent through UV treatment, before the water reaches the taps that fill your container. Water is tested twice daily to make sure no impurities have made it through the treatment process.

Don’t have your own container? No problem. The PureStill range of bottled water offers prepared purified water in a range of sizes. Or you can buy your PureStill container to refill whenever more water is needed.

Body Fuel Express offers water dispensers for businesses and homes, as well as home filtration systems. That means no-one needs to worry about discoloured water, high chlorine content or impurities in their drinking water anymore. Water dispensers are available as free standing or counter-top, and are delivered to your doorstep at an affordable price. For businesses, there’s a convenient weekly exchange service, and an approved plumber can be sent out to install the home filtration systems. The Body Fuel Express team can also take care of maintenance.


Customised labeling

Own-label bottled water has been an effective marketing tool for years. And Body Fuel Express can do that for your business, as it has already done for some of the Breede Valley’s most prominent schools and businesses.

Water labels

A vast range of interesting drinks

Giant Energy is a high-caffeine power drink for those who need to keep going. The Giant Glucoze recovery drink range offers an energy boost in three flavours.

The Tooti Fruti range not only includes 100% juice blends, but also a Nectar variant (which contains less fruit juice).

There’s also JUSTwater Ice Tea and Just-Fizz carbonated soft drinks with natural sugars, which comes in nine popular flavours.


More about Body Fuel Express

Body Fuel Express has franchises across South Africa and offers not only prepared purified water on a large scale, but also a range of refreshments for the health-conscious.

Contact details:

Shop 37, 32 Stockenström Street (across from ABSA)

023 342 1515

Contact Dawid Swanepoel or Stephan Geldenhuys at



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