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Pure Boland Market: Where there’s always food for every taste

If food markets are your thing, you simply cannot skip one Pure Boland Market. The traders vary from time to time, but there’s always something for every taste, and we mean it quite literally. This list highlights only the ready-to-enjoy foods that are regularly available at the Groenstoor (but bring along your basket and stock up on ingredients for home cooking too!):


Jess van Tonder and Lizette Kloppers recently turned their hobby into a business. Fresh and funky is their motto, and yes, they deliver! Every salad and vegetable quiche is vegan, gluten free and mouth-wateringly beautiful.

“We play with interesting combinations of vegetables, herbs and spices. (Lizette is a major supplier to some of South Africa’s best known gourmet condiment brands.)

“We always try to work with ingredients that are in season and available, and we complement each other beautifully. If Lizette makes a salad and say something red is missing, I will suggest Peppadews. If I develop a salad and say something’s missing, she will tell me to add some mint…”

Jess and Lizette put up their stall in November last year and are steadily expanding their customer base. “It happened by chance. We were chatting over a bottle of wine and now we’re thoroughly enjoying this new venture.” 

Jess and Lizette of SaladSistas.

Githa’s Indian Foods

Anthony Njoroge and his wife Githa sell delicious home-made samosas and spring rolls, chicken breyani, roti with curried mince, chilli bites and doughnuts.

They drive through from Cape Town every month – simply because the Pure Boland Market is buzzing with visitors.

The couple first sold their food at a market in Durbanville, but felt compelled to search for a busier market that attracted more visitors. They found the answer in Worcester two years ago, and have been loyal Groenstoor traders ever since.

Anthony is originally from Kenya and met Githa in South Africa. They have been married for 22 years. Githa’s home cooking always received such overwhelmingly good reaction, says Anthony, that she could turn it into a business. She now runs a catering business in Cape Town.

Anthony Njoroge, picutured at the Pure Boland Market with his daughter Rebecca.

Healthy Korean Dishes

Connie and Eunju Kim, originally from Korea, brings another Eastern flavour to the Pure Boland Market. “I’ve been living in Worcester for 15 years and had been introduced to South African food such as bobotie and braai. I wanted to show off our food to South Africans as well.

“Because Worcester is so quiet, I was happy to hear about the market when it started, and I visited it several times. I liked it very much.” So, the sisters joined the Groenstoor traders about 18 months ago.

Connie says that Eunju (or Judy, as she is known to locals) prepares most of the food, and that everything is made using fresh vegetables and little fat. “Our local friends really liked our food and I think that’s where the idea for the stall came from.”

The sisters agree that the food from their home country is something that makes them very proud. They invite visitors to go taste it and discover the pleasure of Korean food.

The Kim sisters and Judy’s daughter Vida.

Rosa Taljaard’s pancakes

Rosa Taljaard’s pancake stall is as old as the Pure Boland Market itself. After she had seen the very first advertisement recruiting vendors, she decided to give it a try. “I am originally from Gauteng where I had run a ‘tuisnywerheid’. Everywhere I had ever gone before, the pancakes were a hit. I thought I would pitch but I had no idea what I got myself into.”

The Friday before each market is a crazy rush (she uses up to 4 litres of oil, 60 eggs and 10 kg of flour and mixes huge quantities of batter in her tiny home kitchen). But her stall was a hit from the beginning and she has no plans to quit Worcester’s first and biggest farmer’s market anytime soon.

“From the beginning, there was something great about the market.”

Rosa at work in the Groenstoor.

Click on the links below for some more:

Quiches from Sylvan Rest, by Dihana Kloppers.

Home-made cream cheese by Jacolien Rabie, and artisan bread by Daly Bread (Daly Bread also sells ready-made gourmet sandwiches).

Roosterkoeke by Annelise Stofberg.

Jaffles by Sanolien Viljoen.

Dutch poffertjes by Family Base (the Baas family).

Hamburgers, pizzas, lasagne, rotis, curries and more, by a variety of other stalls (come surprise yourself!).

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