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About Breede River Buzz

What’s the buzz?

You’ll find them in the Breede River valley and you’ll read about them here – the locals who are innovative, hardworking, generous, smart, resilient or quite simply awesome; the businesses that keep our economy going; the movers, the motivators, the shakers.

In short is dedicated to telling the stories of all that makes this place brilliant and better.


Twelve years of journalism in the Breede Valley have left me in awe: the good stories we have to tell are truly endless. They deserve a loud, proud voice to tell them and I’m dead set on making them shine!

Who am I?

I’m Elana van der Watt, a journalist with 12 years experience, including as intern and eventually editor of Worcester Standard, and digital editor for Boland Media (Standard, Paarl Post, Eikestadnuus, Hermanus Times, DistrictMail and Weslander).

After meeting my husband here during my internship, I’m still in love with this place and one of its biggest fans.

I also create other content for clients

I work behind the scenes as well and produce creative content for clients, in Afrikaans and English, which includes:

  • Planning, writing and layout of newsletters or special publications for businesses or organisations.
  • Copywriting services for businesses and organisations in need of original marketing text.
  • Rewriting, editing, translation and proofreading of copy.

I’m all ears would love to hear from you – tell me about any extraordinary people or things you may know, the questions you’d like answered or why your business needs to be seen through fresh eyes. We can make your story heard.

Click here to visit our Contact Us page and send us a message. We are here always happy to assist.

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